The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), began mandating a boxed warning about Singular and its generic form, Montelukast, in March 2020. The FDA’s strongest warning, a boxed warning, is required for Singular and its generic forms of Montelukast. It reinforces an existing FDA warning about the potential risk of neuropsychiatric events Singulair Lawsuit

Are there Lawsuits Against Singulairs?
Patients who have used Singulair or have loved ones who use the medication should be concerned by the FDA warnings. This article will address the FDA warnings, potential lawsuits against Merck, Singulair manufacturers, and generic formulators of Singulair.

Here are some things you should know about singulair lawsuits
Current research is underway into potential lawsuits arising from the use of Singulair, as well as adverse mental health events. You or someone you care about has suffered psychiatric and mental health problems after taking Singulair. There are many questions you might have about how to file a lawsuit against a large pharmaceutical company.

What are the benefits of a personal injury claim for mental health injuries caused by Singulair use?

Singulair may result in financial compensation for your health problems and the pain and suffering you caused.
If applicable, your spouse may be eligible for monetary compensation in respect of the adverse effects that the mental illness had on your marriage.
Consumers must hold dangerous drugmakers accountable for the harm they cause.
Potentially dangerous drug lawsuits could lead to changes in larger policies that may make consumers safer and save lives.
There is a chance for personal benefit as well as societal change when people who were injured by dangerous products take action against negligent drug companies.
Monetary Damages that could be recovered in Singulair Lawsuits
The amount of monetary damages that can be awarded in a personal injury case against Singulair is dependent on a variety of factors.

There are other factors that can influence how much money you may recover in a personal injury deadly drug lawsuit:

Current health conditions of the plaintiff that were caused due to the medication.
The health status of the plaintiff and future medical treatment.
The impact of health conditions on plaintiff’s quality of life and enjoyment
The impact of the plaintiff’s health conditions on their marital relationship.
The impact that the plaintiff’s health had on his ability to earn a living and the past.
Wrongful Death and Singulair Use
The category of personal injury matters includes wrongful death claims. In a wrongful-death matter, the plaintiffs are the heirs or children of the deceased. This is most commonly a spouse, parent, child/children. Family members who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to suicide may be eligible for a Singulair wrongful-death action.

What is Singulair used for and how does it work?
Singulair’s active ingredient, Montelukast (and its generic formulations), works to prevent leukotrienes from entering the body. This helps to relieve symptoms of asthma and allergic rhinitis. It’s used to prevent asthma symptoms like wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest.

FDA History with Single
Since more than ten years, the FDA has been reviewing reports about neuropsychiatric effects associated with Singulair. These events include depression and agitation as well as insomnia and suicidal thoughts and completion. The FDA updated Singulair’s product labels in 2008 to include information on reported neuropsychiatric disorders.

Merck & Co. (Merck), a manufacturer of Singulair sought FDA approval in 2014 for OTC sales to treat allergy symptoms in adults. Public Citizen was a consumer advocacy group that successfully argued that Singulair was not safe to be sold OTC. It had limited benefits and could pose serious health risks. In May 2014, the FDA banned OTC sales of Singulair.

FDA conducted an observational study and presented the results to an FDA advisory meeting in 2019. The FDA concluded that Singulair and its generics may pose a risk to some patients. This is especially true when the drug is being used for mild conditions that can be treated with other treatments.

In addition to the new boxed warning required as of March 2020, the FDA also now requires a Medication Guide be given with each Singulair/montelukast prescription.

Potential Opportunities
Singulair is being used by as many as 24,000,000 allergy and asthma sufferers, some as young a one-year old. This could lead to serious mental health side effects. Merck earned $698 million in 2019 from prescription Singulair. More than 9 million people, approximately 2.3 million of them younger than 17, received prescriptions for Singulair and its generics in 2018.