Temperature is elevating and you want to cool down but will you risk electric costs by using an expensive air conditioner? The list provided below is different types of exhaust fan you can use as an alternative way to make your house more comfy without the odds of soaring electric bills. There are various exhaust fans which are mostly determined by the location where it will be mounted. Types of exhaust fans include cooling fan

Wall Fans: A type of fan settled on the wall of the house. They are mounted on the exterior wall and not on the interior of the house. Using this will provide your home a direct rotation of air so there is no need to install ducts.

Ceiling Fans: These are the ones mounted on the ceiling of your home. The motion of the air is upwards, thus expelling it through your roof. A duct is connected to the fan which is situated outside the house through external ventilation.

Kitchen Fans: Fans that are installed above your kitchen stove. Most modern stove set already includes exhaust fan. It is not only for expelling air but also for repelling foul smell from the food you are cooking and decrease the moisture content in the area.

Inline Mounted Fans: These are installed in between ducts. Mostly used for houses with small area like single units especially when there is no space to mount the device.

Exterior Mounted Fans: As the name suggests, these are the ones installed outside your homes which pulls air outwards rather than pushing it. These are some of the common types of fans you can avail to ensure proper ventilation in your house.