In this second installment of the National Park El Avila in Caracas, the excursion is to propose Galipán population, including a visit to the Humboldt Hotel is one of the inescapable icons of the city and the cable car in Caracas. The visit can be done in two ways and depends somewhat on how much exercise you want to do because you can do so much on transport or on foot. ethernet cable

For climbing up the best alternative is probably do it Galipán, entering an area where you will see a listed company called rustic vehicles also can carry them to the village which is 1870 meters above sea level. Many people do with their rustic weekend, and that there Galipán basic services as electricity, water and roads. There are several restaurants and small inns and museums and small shops in which to buy ornaments and, above all, candy and foods of the place.

Galipán was founded in the eighteenth century by a group of Canarian emigrants who built their homes there and started planting flowers, fruits, vegetables and coffee. In fact, you can still see remnants of what was once a coffee plantation of the family of Toro (the same Anauco House we are talking about in another entry).

One of the reasons why Galipán is famous for its flowers are sold in the city in small kiosks. Can also be found along the way doeth the Pico El Ávila where the cable car, where small shops sell local products such as blackberry wine, biscuits, jams and craft spicy prepared by the villagers.

In environment is striking especially in times when the sky is clear and looks to the south, the city of Caracas and north sea. From the natural point of view, the Picacho on one of the most impressive. Until there are excursions and from there on a clear day you throw a few brave in paragliding.

The cable car and the Humboldt Hotel are a few hundred meters above Galipán and accessed through a recently asphalted road that can reach and that motor vehicle.

The first is one of the architectural jewels of our country, by the architect Tomás José Sanabria. It was built in a record time of six months and opened on December 2, 1952. You are at the top of Pico El Ávila and consists of a cylindrical tower which is visible from anywhere in the city. It has wide spaces between which there is a ice skating rink. Currently not working as a hotel but as a place for holding events. There have been presented, for example, prominent dj’s from around the world.

The Humboldt Hotel is the last station complex Caracas Aerial Tramway, which is urban station in the settlement of Maripérez. It was inaugurated on April 19, 1952 and was fully functioning until the late 70’s. the original route was aimed not only the route from Maripérez to Pico El Ávila, but also the descent to Macuto in La Guaira. Today only works the first installment and is one of the favorite places in Caracas.